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Money Laundering

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Money Laundering Lawyers in Bristol County 

Money laundering is an incredibly serious crime that can have life-altering consequences. A conviction can result in long prison sentences, hefty fines, and the loss of the defendant's personal belongings. Furthermore, those convicted may find it difficult to gain employment or get loans from banks or other financial institutions due to their criminal history. This can lead to a downward spiral of financial hardship and stress on family members who rely on the accused for stability. 

The Law Office of Frank D. Camera understands the potential impacts a money laundering charge can have on someone’s life and career and is dedicated to providing experienced legal defense services against these charges. With years of experience navigating various money laundering cases, our money laundering lawyers in Bristol County have helped many clients get charges dropped or reduced, ensuring that the accused have a chance to clear their names and rebuild their lives. 

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What Is Considered Money Laundering in Massachusetts? 

Money laundering is a financial crime in Massachusetts, and it involves the process of making funds obtained from illegal activities appear to be legitimate income. It is typically done by transferring large amounts of money between different accounts to disguise the origin of the money or using false documents to hide true sources of income. 

The following activities may result in a money laundering charge: 

  • Making small deposits of cash into different accounts over an extended period in order to avoid suspicion. 
  • Placing “dirty” money into the financial system by depositing it into a bank or other financial institution. 
  • Moving funds from one jurisdiction to another, often through shell companies and offshore accounts, to create confusion about who owns the money and its source. 
  • Investing laundered money back into legitimate businesses to make it appear as if the funds are a product of legal activities.
  • Using trade transactions such as false invoicing, round-tripping, and improper invoicing to move money around. 
  • Structuring Breaking up large deposits into smaller amounts the amount reported to regulators to avoid detection and scrutiny. 
  • Transferring ownership of assets, such as real estate or vehicles, in an effort to conceal the source of funds. 
  • Generating false invoices for services that were never provided in order to hide the movement of money from one place to another. 
  • Using third parties, often unknowingly, to transport money from one place to another with the intention of hiding its origin. 

Massachusetts law prohibits people from taking part in any kind of transaction that could be used for money laundering. If convicted, individuals can face heavy fines and/or imprisonment. 

What Are the Penalties for Money Laundering in Massachusetts? 

Money laundering is a serious crime in Massachusetts, with severe penalties if found guilty. These penalties can include hefty fines, lengthy prison sentences, and forfeiture of assets acquired through illegal activity. 

Here's a breakdown of the possible penalties for money laundering in Massachusetts: 

  • Fines of up to $500,000 or twice the value of laundered property (whichever is greater) 
  • Up to 20 years imprisonment 
  • Forfeiture of property used for money laundering
  • Restitution payments to victims affected by the laundering activities 
  • Community service or other alternative sentencing options at the judge’s discretion 
  • Possibility of asset seizure from persons associated with the money laundering activity

It's important to remember that these penalties are in place to deter people from engaging in money laundering and other financial crimes. If you have been accused of this crime, it’s essential that you contact a qualified criminal defense attorney immediately. Our money laundering lawyers in Bristol County can help protect your rights and give you the best possible chance for a favorable outcome.

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