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Are you or someone you know facing felony murder charges in Bristol County or Suffolk County? Because of the grave nature of such a charge, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is truly qualified to defend you. At the Law Office of Frank D. Camera, our attorney has focused much of his career on various murder charges. He has an established record of superior results in handling all criminal charges since the inception of his law firm in 1999. This has resulted in a strong reputation that has attracted even law enforcement personnel and other attorneys seeking criminal defense representation.

If you or someone you know is under investigation for or has been formally charged with felony murder, we advise you to seek our help. The quality of your defense representation is critical in such cases and can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case. You could be facing the loss of your freedom for life. Our attorney has handled high-profile cases in the past, has conducted hundreds of trials, and brings unmatched skill and dedication to helping you achieve the best possible case result.

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What Is Felony Murder in Massachusetts?

Felony murder occurs when someone commits or attempts to commit another felony crime and while doing so causes the death of another. In these cases, it is not necessary to prove that the offender killed with intent but only that the death was a consequence of the other crime which is one that is serious enough to carry a prison sentence. An example of a felony murder would one in which the offender killed a security guard while robbing a bank or while escaping afterwards. While the offender may not have intended to kill, the fact that it occurred while in the commission of a serious felony makes it a “felony murder.” Another example would be if a person engages in carjacking and, after stealing the car, kills another person such as a pedestrian while escaping in it. Other examples of serious felonies that could lead to felony murder charges include rape, kidnapping, or burglary.

To prove felony murder, the prosecution must show that the death that was caused occurred at the same place and general time period as the underlying felony crime commission or when the offender was trying to escape.

Penalty for Felony Murder

Felony murder is generally considered a first-degree murder that carries a penalty of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Consult with an Experienced Bristol County Felony Murder Defense Attorney

Facing felony murder charges along with any charges related to the underlying felony crime such as robbery, burglary, or another offense is one of the most serious legal situations you can find yourself in. It is not the time for inexperienced or overworked legal representation, such as that of a public defender. You will need a professional who has been working in the local justice system, who understands how to investigate and build cases, and who can be counted on to zealously fight for your freedom and future. Our firm has handled thousands of cases over more than two decades for clients facing felony murder and other serious criminal charges. We have established a reputation for legal excellence.

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