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Manslaughter is only exceeded in its degree of seriousness by charges of first-degree or second-degree murder. Manslaughter also involves the killing of another person but, unlike murder, it does not involve premeditation or what is known as “malice aforethought.” Because it lacks planning and the intent to kill, manslaughter is a lesser charge with lesser penalties. This does not make it any less serious to anyone accused of such a charge. A manslaughter conviction can lead to extended prison time, fines, probation, loss of your driver’s license, and other consequences depending on the circumstances.

At the Law Office of Frank D. Camera, our Bristol County manslaughter defense lawyer has extensive experience handling serious criminal charges like manslaughter. Our firm has earned a stellar reputation in the public and legal communities for its professionalism, dedication to clients, and outstanding record of case results. Those are the kinds of qualifications you need when facing something as serious as manslaughter. We advise you to take advantage of our attorney’s proven track record and what it represents in terms of knowledge, skills, and resources if you are facing manslaughter charges.

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What are the Different Types of Manslaughter in Massachusetts?

Under Massachusetts law, manslaughter is divided into two categories.

These two forms of manslaughter are:

  • Involuntary where a person is killed without intent
  • Voluntary where a person is killed after the offender was reasonably provoked per legal definition

An example of involuntary manslaughter would be where you caused another’s death in a traffic accident. In order to be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, it must be proven that you were driving the car but did not intend to cause a death. However, in an involuntary manslaughter charge, it generally means that your actions were wanton or reckless. As in the case of the traffic accident, if you were driving while impaired from alcohol and/or drugs, that would be considered reckless or wanton as a prudent person would not have done the same thing. In Massachusetts, vehicular manslaughter can result in a minimum of 30 days up to two and one-half years in jail along with a $3,000 fine. However, if your vehicular manslaughter charges are based on drunk driving, the penalties will be more serious.

In voluntary manslaughter, the killing of the victim was intentional but generally occurred under mitigating circumstances, such as it occurred after being provoked into a heat of passion. A key factor in this type of manslaughter is that the provocation must have been adequate enough to cause emotional disturbance that would lead you to act without thoughtful consideration. Other mitigating circumstances can include using too much force when defending oneself and, once again, acting instantly. Should the person take time to consider the act and go off and preplan the killing, it would be considered murder. Another mitigating circumstance is that of being involved in mutual combat.

In any case of manslaughter, the court will look at all the facts and circumstances that occurred at the time of the incident. Where aggravating factors took place, the offense will be considered more serious. Where mitigating factors occurred, the offense will be considered less serious. Each case is unique and will be given penalties based on its particular circumstances.

What are the Penalties for Manslaughter

Depending on whether it is involuntary or voluntary and the factors involved, manslaughter carries penalties of three up to 20 years in a state prison along with heavy fines and possible restitution to the victim.

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Getting effective defense help when accused of manslaughter is essential. Our firm can thoroughly review your case to help you make important decisions about it. We will ensure that you have a full understanding of where you stand and give you the guidance you need at every phase of the legal process. We may be able to negotiate reduced charges or reduced penalties and will always work diligently to help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible such as a dismissal or acquittal.

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