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Somerset Man Charged in Elderly Mother's Death


Prosecutors allege Kostek beat his mother following an argument he had with her over money.

"They observed facial injuries including severe swelling around and above her right eye," the prosecutor said.

Kostek claimed his mother fell down the stairs.

Frank Camera, Kostek's lawyer, said there's no proof he beat his mother and that his client is suffering medically.

"He's severely an alcoholic. There were severe drug issues and mental health issues," he said.

Camera said his client spent time in the hospital twice Thursday, repeatedly asking for detox treatment. He was eventually released into the custody of police where he was formally arrested.

The medical examiner's office will perform an autopsy and investigate Kostek's mother's previous health condition.

"There's nothing in the police report that states what her condition was prior. Obviously that is important if she was ill too. I don't know," Camera said.

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