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Fall River City Councilor Requests Felony Charges to Be Dropped

Attorney Frank Camera and his client.

The legal battle against Fall River City Councilor Pam Laliberte-Lebeau, 49, began in the fall of 2022. Laliberte-Lebeau faced “criminal harassment, annoying telephone calls/electronic communications, misdemeanors, and two counts of felony witness intimidation” after allegedly harassing a former paramour and his wife.

The case continued into December of last year as the controversial figure requested to have two felony charges against her dropped. However, the Bristol County District Attorney's office remained firm in its pursuit of justice.

Fall River City "Love Triangle" Case

Westport police investigated a complaint made by a local couple who had been receiving numerous harassing phone calls and text messages from “spoof” or “burner” phone numbers. According to a police report, the City Council president, Laliberte-Lebeau, confessed to having been involved in this activity.

Upon investigating the matter and confiscating her cell phone, investigators were able to interview Laliberte-Lebeau, who admitted to sending messages to the wife of another man. Apparently, the City Council President had been having an affair with the husband while also maintaining a business relationship with him.

Laliberte-Lebeau had apparently been attempting to avoid Westport investigators for some time until authorities served a search warrant and seized her phone. According to the report, Laliberte-Lebeau had started sending fake messages to the wife after Laliberte-Lebeau learned her former paramour was sleeping with another real estate agent.

Attorney Camera Argues No Probable Cause

Despite the accusations made against Laliberte-Lebeau, the alleged victims do not want the government to pursue the case. Laliberte-Lebeau’s defense attorney, Attorney Camera, believes that the Westport police have been overreaching since the beginning of the case. In his statement, “This is a love triangle case and the resources spent and the manpower and the time exerted for this case, it appears to me there must be no other crime in Westport.”

The police were “overzealous” as Attorney Camera noted, and “essentially knew she was there and waited for her to come out.” However, Laliberte-Lebeau had no legal obligation to answer the door to the police, and “Upon exiting the house, she was absolutely cooperative.”

While Attorney Camera acknowledged that Laliberte-Lebeau had made calls to the wife, he was also critical of the investigative officer who drafted the lengthy criminal police report.

Attorney Camera’s Motion

In Attorney Camera’s motion, he asked Judge Sabine Coyne to dismiss the two felony counts and to send the misdemeanor cases before a clerk magistrate, where the case would not be in a public court proceeding.

Attorney Camera noted that the Westport police had made mistakes in this investigation, which had led to the situation’s escalation. If Laliberte-Lebeau did not have the public position that she did, the case “would have never have gone this far.”

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